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Research Studio 2021

Research Studio 2021

Boot CampBoot Camp Information

  • Boot Camp Overview

In the Boot Camp, participants will learn through lectures and group work about the Target Product Profile and Value Proposition, which are the mainstay of entrepreneurial strategies and development/business models required for medical entrepreneurs. The purpose of this program is to have a wide range of participants who wish to discuss and refine their own seeds. Through the Boot Camp, participants will be able to refine their seeds and form a team before applying for this program. In the Boot Camp, it is essential to have more than one person participate in the discussion of seeds, so please participate in a team of more than one person in order to make your own seeds into a theme. If you apply as an individual instead of a team, you will be asked to join the discussion with participants who do not have seeds. In this program, we are considering e-learning for prior learning and online lectures/group work, so please make sure that you are able to attend.

The discussion will be limited to previously published data and information that can be disclosed, but participants will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement to avoid the possibility of new findings/ideas emerging from the discussion.

Application at University of Tsukuba

Deadline for application June 18, 2021 by noon (must arrive)
Notification of acceptance or not Scheduled for the end of June, 2021
Number of applicants 5 teams, 25 People (May be adjusted depending on the situation of group matching)
Language Mainly in Japanese: Lecture, Mentoring Group Work
English: Mid term Pitch, Final Pitch, International Symposium
Participation Fee Free of charge
How to apply Please contact the Secretariat with the following information.
■If you wish to participate as team
Names, affiliations, e-mail addresses, roles in the team for all members and titles of seeds.
■If you wish to participate as individual
Name, affiliation, e-mail address, application category ((1) seed holder, 2) person with business experience, 3) person with clinical development experience), and the title of the seed in case you have hold seed.

RESEARCH STUDIOSelected team program

  • Application Guideline for Boot camp
    at University of Tsukuba
  • Submission of pitch videos

Selected Team Program requires a separate application from the Boot Camp. Please check the application guidelines carefully and apply separately.
We are considering using e-learning for prior learning and online lectures/group work for this program, so please make sure that you are able to attend.

Organized by

University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba Clinical Research and Development Organization(T-CReDO)
Keio University, Osaka University, Kyoto University, Okayama University, Kyushu University (random order)


July 9, 2021 (Friday) - October 6, 2021 (Wednesday) (Online)


Those who meet any of the following criteria are eligible to apply.

  • Person who have medical Seeds
    Academic researchers and/or their collaborators from companies who have medical seeds to be developed.(Especially, those who are considering startup would fit our program.)
  • Person with business experience
    Managers who have business experience and considering startup with researchers’ medical seeds above. (They need to receive a recommendation from a person in charge of industry-university collaboration or a person with experience in supporting university-launched startups.)
  • Person with clinical development experience
    Members for clinical development who work in the medical field or have experience of clinical development.

Application Guideline

Please check the PDF file below.

Deadline for application

June 18, 2021 by noon (must arrive)

Application Form

Please click the link below to download the application form and send us the required files (1.Application form 2. research proposal or MiniCV, and 3.the pitch video)according to "Eligibility.


Tsukuba Clinical Research & Development Organization (T-CReDO)
TR Promotion and Education Center, Research Studio Secretariat
TEL : 029-853-3630
E-mail :



動画はYouTube に「限定公開」でアップロードしていただき、動画のURL を申請書に記載してください。 または、ファイル転送サービス等で事務局まで動画をお送りください。




  • 自己紹介+シーズ紹介



RESEARCH STUDIOSelected team program Information

Participating teams will be selected based on the application documents described below. The selected teams will participate in 10 weeks of group work, mentoring, and special lectures. The first half of the program will focus on creating a TPP, while the second half will aim to create a business model. In the middle and at the end of the program, there will be a pitch in English. The best teams will be selected from the pitch speakers and will be sent to the United States for overseas training. The schedule for the program at Tsukuba University is as follows.


Date Contents
Jul. 9, Fri. - Jul. 10, Sat. 13:00-17:00 Boot Camp
Jul. 21. - Aug. 18 Every Wednesday 18:00-21:00 Group work , Mentoring (4 times in first half)
Aug. 25, Wed. 9:00-13:00 Mid term Pitch
Sep. 1. - Sep. 22 Every Wednesday 18:00-21:00 Group work , Mentoring (4 times in second half)
Oct. 6, Wed. 9:00-13:00 Final Pitch
On demand Video lecture, Special Mentoring
February, 2022(TBD) Training program in US
  • Please note that the schedule and content are subject to change without notice.


Team Syrinx
Project Hands-free wearable device to restore the voice for laryngectomee
Representative TAKEUCHI Masaki, Syrinx / The University of Tokyo
Team atDose
Project IoT Controlled Compact Infusion Pump for micro dosing
Representative NAKAMURA Hidenori, atDose
Team Medigear
Project A drug free & tumor targeting nanoparticle for the new starvation therapy
Representative TANAKA Takeo, MediGear International
Project Home Rehabilitation App for Parkinson's Disease with Remote Support
Representative KONDO Takahiro, ALAN / Keio University
Team Restore Vision
Project Visual restoration gene therapy for retinitis pigmentosa
Representative KATADA Yusaku, Restore Vision / Keio University
Restore Vision
Project N-LINK Technology for Protein-based Drugs
Representative ONODA Akira, N-LINK BIO / Hokkaido University
Team Bio-MIT
Project Bio-Mechanical Imaging & Technology for Healthy Life
Representative HANANOUCHI Takehito, Bio-MIT/ Osaka Sangyo University