Research studio powered by SPARK


For young researchers who wish to start their own business or commercialize their seeds, tutors will be assigned and mentoring team with the cooperation of Tsukuba's rich and diverse senior researchers, senior entrepreneurs, venture will guide to meet individual needs.

Research Studio 2021

"Research Studio 2021 powered by SPARK" will be held again this year. This program is an acceleration program for the medical seeds. Through lectures, group work, presentations in English, and training in the U.S., we will explore the possibility of commercialization with a view to international expansion.


University of Tsukuba T-CReDO and Keio University Hospital Clinical and Translational Research Center have launched "Research Studio powered by SPARK", an acceleration program focused on the medical product development from academia, in 2018.

about us

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About Research Studio's internal and external mentors.


Research Studio2021: Final Pitch Grand Prize "Restore Vision"
Research Studio2021: Final Pitch Global Entrepreneurship Award "MediGear"
Research Studio2021: Final Pitch SPARKing Global Award "Syrinx"
Research Studio2021: Final Pitch SPARKing Japan Award "NGENIESS Biosciences"


Information on the selected teams of this year‘s Research Studio.
You can also check the information of the past teams from here.